Studio Arte 15 and Roma Movie-Walks offer innovative tourist itineraries dedicated to art, film and food. The partnership between these two new companies, called Arte Roma Movie – Walks, stems from the desire to offer packages created to provide tourists with visits to locations where famous films were shot, and to learn about new contemporary art trends in Rome through visits to museums, artist studios and art galleries.

Arte Roma Movie – Walks is a unique project of its genre, allowing tourists who want to visit film locations to live exclusive experiences and to feel the emotions of filming. This desire for knowledge is almost always accompanied by a curiosity to discover the real local areas that made up the backdrops to these audiovisual productions; their historical and cultural sites, artistic beauty, and local products and specialties. In this regard, the films selected, based on the ability to retrace the places of major contemporary artistic interest, are the following: Bicycle Thieves – 1948; Roman Holiday – 1953; La Dolce Vita – 1960; Caro Diario – 1993; Facing Windows – 2003; Angels and Demons – 2009.

Taking the union of cinema, art and tourism as a starting point, the visitor can experience a strong emotional impact.