Thanks to all the artists who participated with great enthusiasm in the “RE-ACT. Virus Art Attack ". We asked each of them to leave a testimony, with their work, a reflection,a and a creative gesture as a reaction to the emergencies and uncertainty of the quarantine period. 

We hope to have contributed to communicating, through the gaze of art the radical, change in our daily lifestyle experienced by artists in this context of global emergency. 

A point of view that certainly teaches us to look beyond with imagination and creativity! 

The staff of Studio Arte 15, with the collaboration of Alexandro Ladaga & Silvia Manteiga, of the Elastic Group Artistic of Research, is working to make this virtual project becomes an exhibition as soon as possible. We are finding and evaluating some interesting proposals that we hope to communicate to you as soon as possible with the hope of welcoming you all with a warm hug !!!


Valeria Agostinelli

Paolo Assenza

Marco Primo Bernardi

Pier Paolo Calzolari

Rui Chafes

Angelo Cricchi

Davide Dall’Osso

Davide Dormino

Elastic Group of Artistic Reserch 

Falvio Favelli


Jessica Japino

Paulina Humeres

Sandro Mele

Cesar Meneghetti

Ernesto Morales

Marina Paris

Valeria Patrizi

Daniela Perego

Francesca Romana Pinzari

Cristina Rodrigues

Nordine Sajot

Gaia Scaramella

Alice Schivardi

Vincenzo Scolamiero

Tina Sgrò

Marco Stefanucci

Marco Tamburro