Bio Cristiano Quagliozzi

Cristiano Quagliozzi was born in Rome on July the 25th 1983 and he graduated cum laude in the discipline of Painting in the Academy of Fine Arts of Rome in 2007.

In December 2008 there was his first personal exhibition located in the gallery L’Acquario in Rome; afterwards he will be present in many collective or personal exhibitions and also in many important publications.

In March 2014 he published his first illustration book Quando gli uomini non avevano le ali, edited by Polìmata, which inspired the three editions of his artistic event Pagine Aperte (Open pages).

In 2016 he published his second book Orizzontale Verticale, libere visioni e interpretazioni , the book which records all his graphics and illustrations of the last five years.

Visionary, profane, sometimes grotesque, Quagliozzi develops a very personal and polyhedral language, deepen on plastics disciplines (drawing, painting, sculpture) and on his own expression by performances, environmental installations.

Actually he is taken with the artistic project Progetto Arca, in collaboration with the artist Mila Gno.

Critics and art historians talk about him like:

Giovanna dalla Chiesa, critic, art historian, art curator, she has been also teacher of the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome; Marcella Cossu, art historian of the National gallery of Modern Art in Rome (Gnam); Francesca Pardini, critic and art historian; Tiziano Tancredi, critic; Annamaria Barbato Ricci, journalist; Claudia Rebecca Saso, art historian; Marco Fioramanti, artist and director of the independent magazine Night Italia; Ilaria Palomba, writer and performer; Romina Guidelli, art curator; Laura Cianfarani, critic; Bruna Condoleo, critic, art curator, director of the magazine Ars et Furor; Fabio Benincasa; Davide Cortese, writer and poet; Marco Limiti, editor.

Actually he lives and works in Rome.