Text Critic Cristiano Quagliozzi

The quest for a feeling that transcends the reality of things, the alteration of space, the puzzles and suspended atmospheres, the unusual and discordant approaches, the disorientation ... These are the sensations experienced whilst observing the artwork of the young, oneiric artist, Cristiano Quagliozzi, who captures his visions on small format sheets, drawn in Indian ink.

The selection of artwork displayed here is based on a choice derived from my particular state of mind in front of each of them. In fact, the selected pieces do not follow a chronological order nor are they part of collections from specific themes. They arise from a sense of disorientation, associated with a feeling of amazement and wonder. The observation of each of them has led me to make very personal associations which, based on my experience and state of mind, gave rise to spontaneous visions which, in turn, evoked other stories and other images.

By means of a story usually developed on several levels, Quagliozzi transfers the dictates of his thinking into his artwork, far-removed from any aesthetic or moral concerns. His stories are inspired by events relating to society, reflections on world events, culture, art, or various aspects of life that every user can make their own. As Cristiano says: "For me a drawing, before being started, is an empty space where I can surprise, discovering unusual places where unexpected characters are brought to life, among which I sometimes find myself." For these reasons, each of his pieces are built, layer after layer, association after association: no preliminary drafts, just directly with Indian ink.

Such is the case with "Melody" and "The Craftsman", which he began drawing freely by creating the scenes which were forming in his mind, drawing after drawing. His thoughts, which he transfers onto paper in an unmistakable graphic style, arise from a flow of consciousness that takes shape as the image is formed.

The tension that is experienced in a couple’s life when a relationship is tormented by a strong sense of jealousy is expressed well in the artwork "The Horns". Here the artist reflects on betrayal, controversial moods and doubts that a human being endures even in his/her advanced years, as a victim of the fear of infidelity by a loved one. The image of the elderly couple portrayed sitting on a bench in the act of watching, together, the central scene in front of them, revolves around the contrasting thought of complacency and anxiety about living a life as a couple.

It is still the feeling of love; in this case, the painful epilogue of its end symbolically interpreted by an overturned bed, which is represented in the artwork "L'insonne" (“The Insomniac”), originally a text written by Quagliozzi himself, then translated into image.

Simona Cresci